If you like to play Lesson of Passion RPG porn games with interesting stories and entertaining plot, you should be happy about having a chance to download the best games XXX RPG. Think how to develop your character, work on his RPG elements and do your best to fuck role-playing girls. Fulfil RPG quests and see some of many erotic endings tonight! Get a new job and learn how to score the best pussies in town.

Hidden objects porn games including RPG Lesson of Passion

Realistic adventure porn games

Do you like games, but you don't like to waste your time for downloading and installing them? Here we have a great news for you. All Lesson of Passion porn games require only flash support. They focus on a real life situation with RPG elements. Here you will not find any advanced model designers and real-time fuck simulations. Lesson of Passion is a package with realistic life scenes. They present daily situations such as flirts, romantic dates, parties, work, etc. The plot depends on your decisions. Each choice you make has an influence on the future.

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Real-life porn stories with choices and RPG elements

To be good at something, you must learn and gain some experience first. It applies to everything in life, including the sex skills. Do you think you know everything about pleasure? Or maybe you are just a beginner? In both cases, it's good to take some lessons from the masters of sex. We know some of them and you can meet them as well in the Lesson of Passion sex games presented below. The adventure porn games present many life situations where you have to think about the behavior. The next scene depends on conversations with people around. Try to find out which answer and way of dialogue will be better for you. Do all you can to get to the pants of the sexiest girls. 3D Adventure RPG games offer a few different endings, each one depends on your moves.

Living with Serena


Living with Serena is a relationship porn simulator. Each and every day the gamer will be able to make choices that will influence his relationship level and stats with his lovely sensuous fiancée Serena. This can be ensured by other girl characters as well with whom the gamer will be able to meet. Quite similar to a real life, Serena has also got a daily schedule to follow and she does it quite well. If you want to cook with her then you will be required to meet her up at around 18:00 in the kitchen. If you want to take a shower together then you are required to step in when Serena is getting ready for a sleep. But this isn’t actually an easy task as it seems. You are required to take your relationship to a higher level in order to get involved into such arousing affairs. It is one of the best Lesson on Passion sexy flash games with porn models.

Seducing The Throne


Seducing the Throne is a 3D virtual RPG porn game with the setting of a perfect kingdom. It’s perfect because you get to fuck any hot chick you’d like in it. They’re beautifully rendered head to toe. Those 3D maidens look deviously realistic. Their breasts are massive enough to place your cock in between. Those princesses have tight pussies for you to just shove in all of your kingly manhood. Those townspeople have amazing legs and would love it if you would enter between them. There are several babes around the kingdom for you to fuck with. In RPG offline sex games, they may be NPCs, or non-playable characters, but they’re definitely ready to be played around with. Take role-playing to the next level. Get sloppy deepthroats from the hottest villagers. Doggy-style the mighty queen. Bang the scantily-clad female knights. As the hero of this kingdom, you’re going to need some recreational time with all these medieval hotties.

Outcast Academy


The first title you should try if you want to learn a lot about erotic entertainment and girls' bodies is the Outcast Academy. Have you ever heard about dorm parties and sexy horny students? Well, not every dorm looks like this, but the one shown in the Outcast Academy is fulfilled with hot female students. There are sexy blondes, red heads and naughty brunettes, white, black and Asians. All the girls have only one thing in common – they are horny all the time and they fuck each other like rabbits. This dorm is a perfect place for lesbians, but if you are a man – you should check mobile porn games as well. I guess you will not be disappointed by playing that adventure porn game as hot girl trying to fuck other hot sluts. Try to survive in female dorm like that and follow the rules. They are really funny, because it is not allowed to drink alcohol and fight. Beware of MILF teachers trying to find you having sexual activities. Do your best to hook up all the best horny students.

Dignity One


Life sex game with RPG elements. The action of Dignity-One takes place in the far future, when space travel is a common thing. You are a commander of a cargo space ship. Unfortunately, you had to leave Earth because of the swarm devouring planet after planet. They say that only death left there. Think how to manage your travel wisely. You need to find the fuel needed for a future adventure. Your crew tries to forget about the bad times and think about the place to settle down. Search for a female commander who has a wide map of a universe. It would be really useful to find the right way. Do your best to have a good time in a space base. Spend some money on cosmic hookers. Are you able to hook up some babes of your sexy crew? The game leads to the different endings, depend on your choices and behavior. Play life porn game and have a part in a realistic sex story.

Story of Didi


Another game that can teach you a lot is called the Story of Didi. Didi is a young girl that wants to become a famous pornstar. The sex business is really big, so it is necessary to be a really fascinating girl. But how to launch a career like this? Well, she should just start filming some highly erotic content. And this is where Didi needs you. Just grab the camera and tell the girl what to do. She will gladly do whatever you want. This is how you become a porn director. Of course it is just the beginning of the story. In the Story of Didi you will guide your girl through the porn career. Every next level brings something new for you to see and learn. Watch Didi giving blowjobs or doing hardcore threesomes. Money talks, so she will do anything that the producer wants.

City of Love


When you reach the top of porn career along with Didi, come here to meet another hot girl – or maybe three girls at once? This is what City of Love has to offer. You are playing as a guy with a broken heart. Unfortunately, he has an empty bank account, but there is no time to be sad. There are horny girls around so you need to find a way to pick them up, and make yourself feel better. There is a popular celebrity girl named Alice. A woman that doesn't believe in love anymore – her name is Lauren. The third one is Taylor – fitness instructor that likes exciting events. Which one will you chose? Or maybe all at once? The choice is yours!

Living with Temptation


Take another Lesson of Passion game called the Living with Temptation. It's about a man that hasn't had sex for months. He is really horny right now. When he sees a young girl, he thinks only about fucking her butt hard. Finally, the situation has changed and there are a lot of opportunities. The main character has been living a celibate because of his wife got pregnant. She focused on carrying about herself and the baby. But now she is getting horny again, so it's your chance to bring fun back to your life. What's more, you have hired a sexy nanny that will live in your house for a couple of months. Doesn't it sound like a nice opportunity to have a threesome? Will your wife agree for a group sex? maybe you are able to convince her to try it together?

Eleanor - asking for more


But maybe you don't want to pick up girls and you'd rather prefer to play as one? Why not. Meet Eleanor – the main character of the game with the same title. She will not teach you how to love a man or how a good wife should act. She prefers to practice new sexual positions and when it comes to sex life - she's a PHD. In this awesome RPG porn game you need to please your husband with a lot of sex or cheat on him as much as you can. What's your choice? Is it better to bring the best years of your life with your husband? Or maybe more fascinating is to try totally new things with strangers?

Johnny Bullet


Now let's go back to play as a man again. Do you want to be one of those really manly men? If so, you should check the Johnny Bullet game made only for adult players. The name of the main character tells a lot about his personality. In this exciting life-porn game you will fuck a lot of horny bitches. It's just a break time from gaining respect and trying to rule the city. Johnny Bullet will teach you how to act like an alpha male and what to do to pick up every chick you want. After a few lessons with him you will be able to score the most beautiful babes without even putting any effort. In Johnny Bullet chicks desire you, and not vice versa. Make decisions that lead to the new level of virtual sex. Behave like a real macho, do things that are desirable by all the sluts around.

Jordan 500 Reloaded


The real life gives you a wide range of opportunities. You may be a good guy working in the office, become a gangster or even work in a porn industry. It's all up to you, but somehow you know that some choices are much better that the others. What your family would say if you start working as a pimp or become an exclusive whore? But you don't need to remember about any limits playing Jordan 500. In this realistic RPG game with a hot chick as a main character, you may end up as a nurse as well as a regular bitch selling her body. Meet one of the best hooker in town – Jordan. She will do anything you desire for 500 bucks. Is it a lot for a long night filled with a perverse fantasies and kinky ideas? Check yourself.

Trip to Paradise


Still not enough lessons of passion? Then try another flash simulation which is the Trip to Paradise. The title of this adventure porn game is very accurate – just imagine being on a tropical island with a group of sexy chicks. Every girl is different, but they're all horny and you are the only man there. However, those girls can be jealous, so you must play it well to fuck all of them without pissing off the others. The game will teach you to approach a different kind of women and how making them dying of pleasure. A few weeks on a desert island with a group of naughty babes – it is a great thing for every real man. What you would do there? I bet not fishing or sunbathing. Every healthy boy would think about a master-plan that leads to each panties, one by one.

Hot Wife Story 2


You can learn a lot also by observing a sexy couple in Hot Wife Story 2. This addicting adult RPG game is about one exciting night that turns out to be a huge party for you and your wife. You are both going to a club, but it's not necessary to spend all the time together. You can fuck with your hot wife in every corner of the club. Would you like to do that in public places, where someone can catch you? I bet you feel the excitement. Or maybe you want to meet someone new at the disco? Your wife is really cool, so you may as well screw other sexy girls. All depends on you and your choices. It's all good, but what when your wife wants to go to the toilet with a horny lesbian girlfriend? Would you let her go alone?

Hank Moody


Not only marriage can give you the opportunity to have a lot of sex. Just follow Hank Moody and his life motto which is “divorce with a smile”. Hank will teach you how to manage with breaking up and how to quickly forget about your ex. Of course the best cure is a little fun with other hot chicks. In the Hank Moody porn game you can fuck a lot of hot girls – a waitress, a secretary, a stripper and many others. Just live your life with a smile and enjoy those beautiful sexy bodies. Make choices and decide about the next scene. Do your best to finish the simulation with an empty balls. Think how to hook up sexy chicks and find out the fastest way to their pants.

Living with Britney


Or maybe you'd rather want to try to focus on only one girl? That's what Glamour Living with Britney is about. Actually, you have had her heart, but after losing a job and all the money, you are not able to make her love you anymore. Or are you? Glamour Living with Britney is a fascinating story porn game with RPG elements. The main quest is to maintain the relationship with Britney. Sounds like a soap opera? Well, you will change your mind when you'll meet Britney for the first time. She has found a new wealthy guy, who at the first sight is much better than you. Pull yourself together and do your best to get Britney back. She is worth the effort, just remind yourself all the crazy sex nights you have spent some time before.

Tori 500 - Dirty Business


If you want to learn everything about sex and sex-business just check the Tori 500. It's another RPG porn game full of horny, naughty chicks – with the hottest one being the main character. In the simulation you control a nice young girl called Tori. Guide her through her life fulfilled with eroticism. Tori wants to be a professional slut, and it's your mission to help her to reach the goal. Watch her having sex with a lot of guys and girls on her way to be the most desired exclusive whore in the city. Does it mean you need to watch hundreds of extremely passionate sex scenes? Of course it does. Think about the easiest way to earn big money and become a famous slut around. Make your ideas real with that adventure porn game and see how the sex business looks like inside.



Sex can be also a great way to… help a sister. How is it possible? Well, when the homemade video of one hot girl having sex disappear, you need to do your best to get it back. Shy and innocent sister makes love only with her boyfriend. If anyone finds and publish that record, it will be a disaster. How to do that? Fortunately, one sister has a nice body and charm so it's easy for her to pick up any guy and make him do everything for her. It's a story of the real porn game called Sisters. Play the naughty chick and use your beautiful ass to save the relationship between those sisters. Sometimes you will need to fuck stupid guys, but don't hesitate to have a little fun with hot girls as well. Anyway, remember about the main task.



And if you want to learn how to please a girl with a wide range of sex toys, you should play Thorn-E. It's an RPG fetish game with the action that takes place in a dark, mysterious future world. To make the reality more bright, you need to help yourself with a little bit of erotic entertainment. There will be a lot of opportunities to do this. In Thorn-E you will find many creative replacement for a classic dildo. And there is also this horny girl following you through all the chapters. Just start that dirty porn game, solve the mysteries and make your female friend moan loud. Use medical tools and other perverse objects to bring her the most powerful orgasm that she has ever had.

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